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Business Areas

Hamilton & George

What We Do

We manage investments for institutions, financial advisors and individuals. The institutions we serve include corporations, asset management firms, universities, foundations, family trusts etc. We also serve advisors and individuals set on personal financial goals ranging from project targeted to savings, education plans, retirement etc.

  • Through our holistic way of thinking through our clients’ needs and opportunities, combined with our boutique approach to personalized service, we offer clients direct access to all the resources needed to assess, understand and support their financial objectives.
  • Business Areas

    Corporate Finance

    This involves assisting corporates in making financing and financial decisions. project analysis and valuation, capital budgeting, and management. Financial modeling, valuation M&A advisory.

  • Businesses and even governments need to match all investment decisions with the right financing options. At H&G, our financial advisers have years of experience in advising a wide range of clients on investments choices and accessing right financing.

  • Our services include, but are not limited to project analysis and valuation, capital budgeting, and management. We consider all aspects of all new investments vis-à-vis our client’s overall business objectives.

  • Upon determination of appropriate financing option, we leverage our strategic partnerships with various High Networth Families, institutional investors, foreign investment banks, and multi-lateral finance organizations to help businesses access the required finance for their projects. Our partners have financed a number of projects across Nigeria, Africa and in other developing markets.

  • We work with our clients to prepare project proposals and pitches, analyst presentations, financial forecasts, financial models and business cases for projects. Our aim is to deliver all required inputs, and implement identified critical success factors.
  • Advisory

    As the global economy changes, businesses need to reposition themselves and fine-tune their operations to harness new opportunities. This requires financial strategy and often business process re-engineering. Our advisers are skilled in analyzing businesses and providing tailored solutions on general business strategy.

  • Our approach is a three-step strategy that involves:
    • Detailed value chain analysis of our client’s business operations.
    • As-is analysis to determine the state of the business vis-à-vis the identified vision and goals of the company.
    • Development of strategy based on findings from the steps above, ensuring the company develops strengths to harness opportunities and mitigate threats.
    • Consequatur
  • These may lead to solutions in areas of franchising, mergers or acquisitions, strategic investments, and other repositioning strategy. Our advisers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in these areas, which are brought to bear in advising our clients.

  • Private Equities Placement
  • H&G advisers have the requisite experience in arranging private placement of equity issues, as a means of sourcing required capital for our clients.
  • We provide an end-to-end, seamless execution of the various requirements for a successful private placement issue. This may include liaising with all regulatory agencies in meeting all statutory requirements.
  • As investment professionals, we owe it to our clients and to the investing public to exercise reasonable care and due diligence in arriving at our investment recommendations.
  • Proprietary Investment

    Hamilton and George actively seeks out investment opportunities with immense upside potentials. It deploys its proprietary funds along with capital raised from external investors, when appropriate. The H&G Billionaire Club is an investment club made up of Family offices and High Networth Individuals that have first right of refusal to co-invest with Hamilton and George. The club has growing investible capital commitments running into billions of Naira.

    Our investments are primarily in early stage enterprises or in businesses we intend to take a strategic longer-term interest. With a longer time horizon, our activities range from incubating companies in attractive sectors to expansion strategies. We are open to a broad range of investment types ranging from plain equity, debt and other hybrids.