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Case Study 1: Industry: Banking
  • Project Type: Our client is a holding company for a number of subsidiaries with interests in key sectors of Nigeria’s economy. The group is active in the Transportation and Logistics, Energy and Power, Financial and Investment, Media as well as the Real Estate sectors of the economy. The group seeks to acquire 10% stake in a Nigerian Commercial Bank.

  • Our Mandate: As transaction advisers we are to assist the client in ensuring a seamless due diligence process and prepare an acquisition bid to the target bank. We are also to assist in negotiation and transaction closure. The due diligence has already been completed by Deloitte and a bid has been sent to the bank. We are currently in the negotiation and transaction closure phase.
Case Study 2: Industry: Mining
  • Project Type: Our client was issued a Mining license in 2015 by the Nigerian Government for three(3) years and is renewable for a further two(2) years each. The license which permits them to mine Gypsum and Gold is located in the North Central Region of Nigeria. The site sits on 240 Cadastral units and on an area size (km2) of 50.31.

  • Our Mandate: We have been appointed to act as transaction advisers with regards to the activities of the client, its dealings with other related parties, and also assist manage its finances. We have also been mandated to assist in securing a debt finance for exploration/field development.
Case Study 3: Industry: Power
  • Project Type: Our client is an Engineering Procurement and Construction Company borne out of the desire to render enduring and fit for purpose power and energy solutions in both fossil fuels and renewable energy projects. The project is the construction of a 746MW Gas- fired combined- cycle power plant. The project is located in the South West area of Nigeria and they are working in conjunction with the biggest energy company in the world. The client has already received EOI in excess of US$300million

  • Our Mandate: The total project cost is US$881million and requires investment from co-developers to the tune of US$2.265million. We have been charged to assist the client with sourcing a co-developer for the execution of the project.
Case Study 4: Industry: Power
  • Project Type: Our client is a global key player in the power and oil and gas sector with headquarters in Houston. Since its inception the company has been able to grow and maintain a strategic lead position among its peers. With a global outreach and a primary target focused on serving the African market, the Company consistently thrives in developing ways to provide efficient services in oil and gas service projects in Sub-Saharan African and legal and business development services for exploration and production companies seeking to do business in Africa. The company seeks to raise capital for the constructing of a 150 megawatts power plant in Nigeria.

  • Our Mandate: As transaction advisers we are to assist the investor in putting together a bankable project structure and assist in raising the required capital. Currently the process to obtain license from NERC is at its final stage.
Case Study 5: Industry: Financial services
  • Project Type: Our client is a Nigerian based industrial company with key interest in Onshore/Offshore procurement support service, Metering & Calibration services, Laboratory services, Environmental service and Maintenance services. As a major player in the Oil & Gas sub-sector, the company aspires to be among the nation’s top ranked conglomerates in a decade, propelling progress in all facets of live. The Company seeks to acquire 40% of stake in a Chinese owned Steel Pipe producing company.

  • Our Mandate: As financial advisers we are to assist the client in ensuring a flawless due diligence process and aid the acquisition bid. We are also to assist in structuring of the required acquisition capital.
Case Study 6: Industry: Agriculture
  • Project Type: Our Client is an agro based company in Nigeria with an interest in poultry farming. The Company has strong investment potentials with expectations of dominating the agricultural sector in Nigeria. With a healthy production capacity and turnover the company seeks to raise capital for its expansion process.

  • Our Mandate: As transaction advisers we are to assist in the sourcing of required capital and providing other financial advisory services which includes setting up of a marketable expansion strategy and project structure.
Case Study 7: Industry: Financial services
  • Project Type: Our client is one of the leading microfinance banks in Nigeria with a kin eye for growth and human capital development. Our client provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes low-end entrepreneurs, the under banked, cooperatives and high-net-worth individuals among others. Our client run a viable business model that provides access and financial empowerment to those at the base of the economic pyramid that constitute over 80% of the about 160 million Nigerians and also provide huge returns on investments. They have over the years contributed immensely towards poverty reduction, wealth creation and promotion of entrepreneurship.

  • Our Mandate: As one of the most trusted and value oriented investment banking outfits in Nigeria, we are working with our client to gain access to sustainable sources of omnibus funds for onlending and expansion. We are also assisting the client in restructuring its business to achieve its corporate goal.
Case Study 8: Industry: Oil and Gas/Construction
  • Project Type: Our client is one of the biggest brands in the oil and gas/construction sector with key enthusiasm in Onshore/Offshore procurement support service, Metering Calibration services, Laboratory services, Environmental service and Maintenance services. Well established to serve as a platform for Nigerian Content Development.

  • Our Mandate: Our mandate is to assist our client in the M&A restructuring process in achieving our client aspirations to acquire stakes in a foreign construction company. The acquisition process has already begun. Our advisory services are grounded in proven practices backed by empirical data with a practical real-world implementation experience.
Case Study 9: Industry: Healthcare
  • Project Type: Our client is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Nigeria. who have relentlessly pursued their goal of becoming a leading player in the pharmaceutical landscape in Nigeria. Ever since, they have built and cultured an organizational framework that has steadily helped them gain ascendancy in the industry. They have crafted the pharmaceutical architecture of the industry over the years of their existence, playing very defining roles in the emergence of the new generation of industry players.

  • Our Mandate: Our mandate is to assist our client in locating potential investors to acquire majority stakes in the company. Due to our experience/sector expertise and strategic partnerships with High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). Prospective investors have been contacted and the acquisition process has begun. We develop clear options, using a direct way of communication and swift execution.
Case Study 10: Impact Investment
  • Project Type: Our Client (The Firm) is an independent social investment firm leading in the impact Investment Industry with interests in key sectors of Nigeria's economy. These sectors include; Housing, Agriculture, Telecommunication and ICT, Education, Banking, Social and Environmental Sector. The firm was set up to primarily support the Nigerian Government in meeting its developmental objectivities. These objectives includes: Job creation, Building of wealth, Development of people and Communities using Investment Capital. Since commencement, the firm has been a leader of social impact initiatives designed to meet specific social needs across the country, thereby creating a sustainable environment with improved standard of living.

  • Our Mandate: As transaction advisers, we are to assist our client in raising the Proposed Capital required and offer further financial advisory services including Project Management and investment appraisal support.
Case Study 11: Oil and Gas, Power and Mining.
  • Project Type:Our Client is a multinational extractive company with interest in key sectors of Nigerian economy. Their Primary area of interest includes Gold, Oil and Gas and Power Generation with the mindset to dominate these areas of interest in Nigeria. The firm seeks to divest 20% equity in its gold mine located in Nigeria.

  • Our Mandate: As transaction advisers, we are to assist the client in raising the proposed capital required to take the project to another phase, restructuring our clients Project Structure and also other financial advisory services.
Case Study 12: Real Estate.
  • Project Type:Our Client is a company that focus primarily on the infrastructural development primarily in Nigeria, with strong investment interest in other African Countries. The firm and her network of technical and financial partners in Africa, Europe and the USA associates carefully with selected companies with proven track records in the fields of Power Generation, Gas to Power Development and Affordable Homes.

  • Our Mandate: As transaction advisers, we are to assist the client in sourcing for proposed capital required as contribution towards real estate development across Nigeria.
Case Study 13: Media.
  • Project Type:The Client is a broadcasting, production and distribution company that plans to establish Africa's first inter-continental free to air television network. The core business includes commercial Radio and Television Network broadcasting and Internet Services. The company intends to produce, co-produce, acquire and distribute television programming specifically intended for the diverse African and foreign viewing markets. Currently our client seeks raise capital for the establishment of a Pan African Broadcast Network.

  • Our Mandate: As financial advisers, we are mandated to assist in development of an expansion business plan and financial model as well aid the proposed capital raise for the expansion.
Case Study 14: Public Sector.
  • Project Type:The Client is state government in South West Nigeria. The government is keen on exploring public private partnership opportunities with a view to engender sustainable growth and development in the state while ensuring increase in internally generated revenue and employment.

  • Our Mandate: Hamilton and George is tasked with assisting the state in determining potential areas for collaboration with the state government and also midwife the process of introducing private sector partners to state./span>