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Executive Summary

About Us

Hamilton & George Limited (“H&G”) is a full-service investment banking outfit established by Nigerian professionals with the aim of providing tailor made solutions to a broad spectrum of customers. Our proposed range of services include Proprietary Investments, Advisory and Corporate Finance.

We offer our clients individualized, bespoke services that takes full cognizance of their goals and expectations while providing insightful advice. We have a robust Corporate Finance and Advisory practice dedicated to helping our clients achieve their objectives as it relates to business expansion, project development, business modeling/restructuring, fund raising and other specialized needs. Hamilton and George has access to a pool of HNI’s and family offices who are members of the “H&G Billionaire Club” an investment club that co-invests with Hamilton and George in various sectors of the company. We are sector agnostic and are willing to explore both nascent and mature industries in the Nigerian market space and Africa at large.


Our Vision

“To be Africa’s leading financial partner by deploying our multiplicity of expertise, experience and network in guiding our clients to create value for their businesses and society at large.”

Our Mission Statement

“H&G is focused on creating cutting edge solutions to both modern and traditional financial problems. We succeed only when our clients and our stake holders are pleased with the result we deliver.”

Clients are our main and only focus, we thereby tailor solutions to our Client’s needs

Our Core Values


[uh-cheev] • Synonyms: consummate, complete, effect, execute; realize, reach, win.
MEANING: bring to a successful end; carry through; accomplish: get or attain by effort; gain; obtain: bring about an intended result; accomplish some purpose or effect.
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AGILITYOne of the benefits of doing business with us is our alertness in understanding the needs of our clients and our swiftness in adapting to the changing environment with a view to deliver maximum value promptly.

CREATIVITY Our mastery of the business world facilitates the development of models specifically tailored to the growth and success of our clients. Our analysts go over and beyond to develop solutions suited to our clients needs in both short and long term.

HONOR Promoters of H&G over the years have secured a unique reputation based on trust in our practice of ethics and professionalism. We hold our name above all else and always aim to achieve more than we promise. Honor is the bedrock of our character. Our analysts exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior and abide by an uncompromising code of integrity.

INSIGHT One of the core features of investment banking is identifying long term trends that will affect a company or an industry over a long term period. At H&G, we have a dedicated and visionary workforce that has indepth knowledge and clarity on our clients businesses, we use this knowledge to improve decision making and ultimately business performance.

EXCELLENCE At H&G, everything we say and do are true reflections of our commitment. Our distinction lies in our unparalleled track records of success by offering clients unlimited access to resources. The attainment of excellence is our goal in all our endeavours.

VALUE ORIENTED Our aim at H&G is to consistently work for the satisfaction of our clients. We harmonize our pool of resources to deliver utmost value to our clients. We succeed only when our stakeholders are pleased with the results we deliver

ENTHUSIASM At H&G we have an experienced workforce with passion for every of our clients needs. It is the spirit of determination and dedication within our workforce that leads to professionalism and mastery of the art of optimal service delivery. We identify the best opportunities that will reposition businesses for sustainable growth.